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Production Philosophy

The modern production line and well-qualified staff gives the guarantee of the production of high quality goods. The quality of used raw material is not less important. Thanks to localization in the largest fruit region in Poland, the plant has got possibilities of collecting raw material with high quality parameters. 150 thousands of different fruit is collected and processed during the season.

The manufactured fruit juices are a natural product obtained in the course of a process of evaporating water from fresh juice. The products do not contain any preservatives, show high taste and health values and are directly drinkable after dilution. At the same time all the fruit aroma is also evaporated and condensed in the form of fruit flavour. The flavours are used in production of fruit juices, in food and cosmetics industry (e.g. the "green apple" flavour). Our production line is equipped with machines and appliances made by leading firms of the food and industrial branch and is environment-friendly.

The permanent control of technological process made by modern laboratory guarantees the highest quality of concentrate. The whole production process is computer controlled with full visualization, which lets control each stage of the production. ALPEX Sp. z o.o. possesses steril tank store with storage capacity 12 000 and cooling tank store with storage capacity 4 000 tons. Tankers are filled in a special place with a scale. There is also a line for aseptic fillings of drums.

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